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A new yeshiva specifically tailored for bochurim entering their third year and above of learning wishing to continue furthering their growth in a serious and warm environment

Kehilla Kedosha Beis Shlomo is excited to announce the formation of “Yeshivas Keser Torah,” a new yeshiva for bochurim entering their third year of learning in Eretz Yisroel. Building off the Kehilla’s renowned success and vision, the yeshiva will establish a new makom Torah specifically tailored for boys wishing to continue furthering their growth.

Serious Learning

The yeshiva’s goal is to allow bochurim entering their third year to build upon the foundations they’ve acquired in previous years of yeshiva by providing a framework to further their learning in a serious and warm environment.
Learning will be on a high level, with a focus on both b’iyun and b’kiyus. The Gemara b’iyun shiur will delivered by a top maggid shiur (the primary focus of morning and night sedarim), as well as a special focus on covering ground via b’kiyus and finishing masechtos (the primary focus of second seder). There will also be well-guided, method-oriented shiurim in halachah, as well as a strong daily limmud of mussar and hashkafah.
The yeshiva will focus as well on developing the bochurim in all areas of avodas Hashem, including tefillah and middos. As is known, many who leave the walls of the beis midrash struggle to maintain the spiritual gains of their yeshiva years. Our ultimate objective, therefore, is to provide each bochur with the necessary tools and hadrachah that he can take with him into the years following yeshiva and ultimately into marriage and the rest of his life.

Our Rosh Yeshiva & Rebbe for Life

The yeshiva is under the leadership of our Rav, Rabbi Shmuel Zucker, who will now serve as Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Keser Torah. Rabbi Zucker, a veteran in the chinuch world, draws from his thirty-plus years of teaching experience in various yeshivos to guide Keser Torah’s overall vision and direction. Rav Zucker’s unique warmth, mastery of the breadth of the Torah and passion for Yiddishkeit will naturally spill over to every talmid. The Rav will focus on developing a close relationship with each one of the boys and will provide them with personal guidance in their learning and avodas Hashem. The bochurim will have the unique opportunity of forming a genuine relationship with Rav Zucker, be it through one-on-one chavrusos, the many shiurim and chaburos throughout the week, or the famous Thursday night tish in preparation for Shabbos. The Rav is renowned for not only being a Rebbi, but a “Rebbi for Life”, and is personally involved in his talmidim’s lives years and decades after they leave yeshiva. Each bochur can be assured that their connection with Rabbi Zucker will be one that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

The Rebbeim

Joining the Rav is a staff of talented and experienced mechanchim with years of chinuch experience. The majority of the rebbeim are veteran members of the Kehilla who live only minutes from the yeshiva, where their homes will be open for hosting the bochurim regularly, both during the week and for seudos on Shabbos. Each of the rebbeim have their own unique flavor, and each rebbi will work to invest in each bochur’s personal growth.

Vibrant Beis Medrash

With the yeshiva based in our vibrant beis medrash, the bochurim will be surrounded by established avreichim and talmidei chachamim from our community. The kollelim and, specifically, Kollel Derech Chaim, will have a great impact and serve as positive, personal role models for all the bochurim.

Family Atmosphere

The uniqueness of this yeshiva is that it is housed within our Kehilla, where the talmidim will develop a kesher with families of the community and experience the uplifting and inspiring Shabbos and Yom Yov tefillos that are world-renowned.

Shabbos in Yeshiva

Shabbos in yeshiva will be a complete experience. Beginning with the Thursday night tish preparing for Shabbos, the In-Shabbosim will include a Friday night tish, shalosh seudos, and a melave malkah with Rav Zucker, the Kehilla, and the yeshiva’s other rebbeim.

Location and Facilities

The yeshiva will be housed in our Kehilla’s beautiful and vibrant beis midrash in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Yerushalayim. Our facility is new and state-of-the-art, with comfortable chairs, an extensive seforim library, a coffee room, beautiful bathrooms, and a newly renovated dining hall. The beis medrash is situated in the neighborhood park of Gan Chamishah Asar, a lush area with open and green spaces to relax. It is also a short walk to the bustling Paran shopping center, which offers all the amenities the boys will need (including grocery stores, take-out food, pharmacies, medical centers, and dry cleaning). The yeshiva dorms will be located in apartments in the neighborhood very close to the yeshiva.

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